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vCard features

Learn all the possibilies for your vCard, from adding all the standard vCard fields to sharing and hosting it on vCrd.bio


Free, forever

You can download your vCard without even opening an account, or set up a free account.


vCard 4.0

Your vCard will be generated in the latest vCard standard, supported by all smartphones.



Monitor and analyze how many people download or interact with your vCard.


All the fields

Add all the available fields to your vCard: name, address, website, phone, etc...


QR Code

Generate QR Codes in high-quality for printing or sharing


Easy updates

Save your vCard and share your public link. You can update it as many times as you need.

How can I create my vCard?


Step 1. Create your vCrd.bio account

Sign up for a vCrd.bio account to save and host your vCard so that it's pubblicly accessible.

Step 2. Choose your unique username

Your vCard will be hosted at a memorable address, such as vcrd.bio/@khaleesi

Step 3. Fill your vCard fields

Choose which fields to fill for your vCard: from the basic like name, phone, and email, to more advanced ones like social media.

Step 4. Share your vCard

All done! Your vCard is now ready. You can share it as a link, via QR code, messenger, or via Social Media.


Make accessing your vCard a breeze

  • The vCard is hosted on our services, with no expiration.
  • You can share it via QR Codes, or simply by sharing your link.
  • The URL of your vCard is custom, short, and memorable.
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Compatible with all smartphones

Easy Payments

Your vCard can be downloaded and imported from all smartphones: Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows, etc..

Regular Cashback

As soon as your vCard is accessed, your details will be added directly in the Address Book.

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Clients are Loving our vCards

vCrd.bio has streamlined networking for me significantly. The ability to create and host vCards online is a game-changer. I found the interface extremely user-friendly, and the process was swift and straightforward. Sharing my vCard with clients has never been easier, and I love how I can update it anytime.

I was initially skeptical about using an online vCard service, but this site has exceeded my expectations! The quality of the vCards is superb, and the hosting feature ensures I never lose my digital card. The download process was a breeze, and I could customize my card exactly how I wanted.

As a freelancer, maintaining an up-to-date vCard is essential, and this service has made that incredibly easy. Plus, the hosted vCards mean I can share a link instead of a file, adding a level of professionalism to my interactions. Definitely a valuable tool for any professional.

Fantastic service! Creating a vCard was simpler than I thought. I've received numerous compliments from contacts on how innovative my digital card is. This service is a must-have for networking!

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Yes! Signing up is only required if you want to save your vCard or create your personal URL.

If you simply want to generate a vCard and download it to share it manually, you don't need an account at all.

No! The vCard generator is completely free and doesn't even require an account.

We do have premium plans regarding your hosted vCard, but they are to save, store, and assign a custom URL, not to use the free generator.

No! Unless you violate the Terms and Conditions, your URL will not be deactivated unless you delete your account

Your Vcrd.bio URL is your own and will not be assigned to other users or turned off.

You can always recover your password by sending a reset link to the email you used to sign up.

You can also log in via Google to completely forget about password and just manage your account easily.

Yes! At any time, directly from your account settings, you can delete your profile and all the data associated with it.

As per our Privacy Policy, all your data will be purged within 24hrs and your public URL will be turned off. Note that once your account is deleted, it cannot be recovered.

About vCards

If you're not familiar with vCards, here is a quick summary of what you can achieve by using vCards

Digital Marketing

A vCard is an virtual business card format, specifically designed for smartphones and computers to quickly access and save your contact information.

Web Development

A vCard stores your contact information such as name, email, phone number, website, and much more. It's up to you to decide how much information to share in your vCard.

Application Development

When someone downloads your vCard or accesses your Vcrd.bio URL, their smartphone will automatically prompt to add your contact information to their address book.


vCards are the easiest way to share all your contact information with your clients, colleagues, or friends. It helps people add you to their address book with one tap from their smartphones.

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